Wedding in May?

Yes, we are aware it’s April and that most of you brides have already chosen the dates for their special day. But is it going to be a Spring Wedding?

This article is actually for all those undecided and those, who haven’t booked the date yet. It is also a must read for those who would want a last minute wedding or maybe even to elope to Greece!


Spring wedding?

Why do we think that a spring wedding in Greece is the perfect choice, when most weddings happen in the summer? Well let’s make it simple. It’s all about the weather! Yes Greece has more or less the perfect weather all year around but spring wedding can have other benefits, like before-season, cheaper tickets and services, discounts and less tourists meaning less people on the beaches. All this aside, the weather in Athens is actually pleasant in spring, comparing to sizzling heat in the summer. Sure some islands or the rest of Greece could be few degrees colder than Athens and surroundings or nights could cool down faster than in the summer, but we think that a pleasant 25 degrees C, sunny day is still a perfect day to get married with your strapless wedding dress.


Nature & Flowers

Other benefit of a spring wedding is the nature. Of course, all is blossoming since it’s spring time, which makes the scenery and the roads even more magical. There is also one other thing you may not be aware of. The nature is more green, since the hot summer sun and dry heat haven’t manage to dry out everything yet. This of course all depends on the location and where you are getting married, but most islands are actually green throughout the winter and spring, because the grass is still green. In the summer it becomes all brown, which can affect the style of your photoshoot.


Keep in mind that some flowers blossom only in certain months and that is usually in the spring time. Flowers like Peonies and Ranunculus are famous for exactly that. Although, Peonies start blooming in April and through May and latest in June, you can still get them later from the florists, but their prices can vary, due to the special month, imports and of course their demand. Ranunculus however, starts in March throughout June and July, they last up to six weeks and later they are almost impossible to get. So, if you are dreaming of a big luscious bridal bouquet filled with Ranunculus and/or Peonies, make sure beforehand that your florist can supply them for you.

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Local customs?

So what do local and destination brides do in the summer, in order not to get heat strokes? Well, you either bear the heat and risk the sun melting your makeup as you go down the aisle or you schedule your wedding to start after 5pm or later. But mostly when the sun starts going down. Local Greek weddings are mainly religious and they happen only in the church. The groom with the rest of the guests, start gathering just before or even after the sunset infront of the church to wait for the brides arrival, which is usually fashionably late. So around 8.30* the procession starts (*these time schedules always depend on the priests and churches time schedule and availability. they are prone to change.) After the ceremony, the couple heads off for the photoshoot and guests await to greet the couple for their arrival as a husband and wife for the first time. Late night summer weddings are also one reason why the wedding photos are mainly dark and flashed. And here is yet another reason to have your wedding in the spring time 😉

We would love to hear your comments on our ideas!
Describe us your wedding day as it happened and help us educate future brides! A real live story from a real bride is always the best to read. Don’t you think so?

~{Diamonds & Kisses} from WBS